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Study of developed construction on (30 – 36 m) streets in Riyadh

Riyadh Municipality confirmed that as extension of 3rd meeting of Supreme Authority for Riyadh Development in 1434H, chaired by H.R.H. Governor of Riyadh Region regarding the study of the improved construction on (30 – 36 m) streets in Riyadh, where Riyadh Municipality and Planning and Projects Center in ADA recommended the following:

The commitment of residential use as stated in the decision of Supreme Authority for development of Riyadh City in its 3rd meeting of 1434 H, which held on 26 Dhu al-Qa'da 1434 H, while decision is not including furnished apartments and other services, as well as giving developers a period of (5) years to amend all uses that do not comply with decision of ADA, and compliance with residential use (Apartments), where remaining time limit is less than 5 months, so Riyadh Municipality hopes  owners of uses contrary to use of housing to leave before 22 - 9 - 1439 AH.
Last Modified Date: 1/14/2018 11:08 AM