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 Run 4 new trains between Riyadh and Dammam new schedule for flights

31 March 2012 G   8 Jumada Awwal 1433 H

the General Organization of Railways, Revealed  the modification dates of conduct of passenger trains between Riyadh and Dammam, which will be put into effect as of tomorrow, an increase of four additional flights, flights for a total 14 flights a day.

According to Al Eiktisadia newspaper, Mohammed Abu Zeid, Director of Public Relations and Information of the General Organization of Railways, said  that the new table includes an amendment to the dates of some flights passenger trains, where the Corporation is planning to enter new trains for the service, the company has announced its arrival to the UK before while.

Will be in the light of the new table run four trains sets of new eight sets which the organization contracted with one of the Spanish companies to secure them and the sets worth more than 600 million riyals, Where organization has received a number of these new crews in up in turn the rest of the kingdom, Is expected to reach the rest of the crew during the month, Begins its trial run under the new table with the survival of the old trains in service.

Abu Zeid made, the new trains will be launched starting on Sunday of all stations in the regular trips, Where  the booking  began  on the first and second degree as of yesterday afternoon, He explained that the first class on the new  trains equivalent the  Rehab degree and  the second degree equivalent to the forefront on the regular trains, There has been no amendment to the fares on these trains. The Abu Zeid expected, that contribute to the new trains to attract segments of the seriousness of the clients in view of the multiple benefits that you own from the exterior and interior design and spacious sofas, chairs and entertainment, which include the various channels of audio and visual multiple options, In addition to a wi-fi system, which allows travelers to connect to the Internet free and GPS system that can locate the passenger trains, and the direction of Qibla.

source _ High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh .

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