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 Manfouha and Haraj: Two places you go to ‘buy more for less’

14 March 2013 G   2 Jumada Awwal 1434 H

Riyadh residents looking for a bargain go to Manfouha and Haraj district. Here they can find used items in good condition at a very low price, as well as perfumes and new clothes.
“For perfumes, expatriates of various nationalities go to the Manfouha district. Fragrances are cheaper here than in other shopping areas in the city,” said Erma Idris, a Sudanese housewife.
“For t-shirts, jackets, carpets and appliances, I go to Haraj district, which is not too far from Manfouha.”

Many of the city residents who shop in these areas are well employed with high disposable incomes. They visit the two shopping areas in spite of the busy traffic because of the good quality and low prices of commodities.
Floro Brenna, a chief mechanic at a car workshop, and his wife Nita go to these places after office hours on weekdays or on weekends “to buy more for less.”
“You must have time on your hands and be patient when visiting the two shopping areas. Don’t just buy what you consider to be a good bargain. You may be able to find something even better in the next shop,” he said.

“One time in Haraj, I saw a good t-shirt for just SR 10. I held out and ended up landing a branded shirt for the same amount later.”
Some expats visit the districts to buy items they could send to their families back home.
“My husband and I look for cheap goods or items to send to our children who are studying in the Philippines,” said Cristy Sta. Ana, who works at an American facility.
By shopping in Haraj or Manfouha, she says she saves her family a lot of money.
“The amount we save from buying clothes and appliances helps in the payment of tuition fees and the monthly amortization of our house and lot in the Philippines,” she said.

Renita Calabia, a working housewife, added that shopping either in Manfouha or Haraj enables her to make ends meet.
“On payday at the end of the month, my husband and I make it a point to go to Haraj until we have bought enough for a box to send home to our children in the Philippines,” she said.
She said that there had been instances when an item she bought could be sold for a small profit when her children ran out of money in the Philippines.

“We have to be practical. Money is not easy to come by nowadays. Our children use the proceeds of items they sell for their daily needs and to pay for tuition fees,” she said.
Expatriates who like to give perfumes as a present to relatives or friends when they take their annual vacations go to Manfouha.
“I have many relatives expecting something from me when I go home. I buy perfumes as gifts. If I am lucky enough, I can buy two bottles of perfumes for the price of one,” said Mojib Rahman, a Bangladeshi businessman.

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