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About RM Portal

Now that momentous technical progress has had its influence upon every aspect of life, and as internet users are on the increase day after another, especially in searching for information and seeking to carry out the services more easily and conveniently, the interest in e-portals, especially the government ones, has become one of the most important priorities that cannot be overlooked within any comprehensive developmental march.

Whenever you observe the sustainable development journey experienced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all service and non-service sectors,   you will, beyond a reasonable doubt, take notice of the magnitude of efforts, dedication and mobilization, so as to benefit from the rapid IT world; in an endeavor to achieve the highest degree of prosperity for the Kingdom’s society, its citizens, residents and visitors.

Since the Riyadh Municipality (RM) stands out as one of the main and vital pillars in the Kingdom’s service sectors, it had a large share in the e-transformation process initiated by the Kingdom under the guidance of the Wise Leadership; in order to shift the Kingdom with its whole sectors to the knowledge society relying on the e-government transactions.

Stemming from this grand national goal, including other strategic objectives pertaining to each specific sector, the interest in the RM Portal was brought into being. This Portal is reckoned an electronic media interface reflecting very clearly the RM role in this development process; in terms of defining it, its departments, and its different directorates as well as illuminating its targets and its vision of providing the best municipal services to beneficiaries in accordance with the highest international quality standards. On this basis, the RM Portal kicked off seeking to disseminate the correct information to the public so as to be an effective communication channel with all sectors of society.

In general, the RM Portal ( aims at increasing awareness in the municipal domain, targeting the citizens, residents and visitors as well as the business sector, meanwhile focusing on both specialists and non-specialists. Moreover, It is deemed an effective communication channel for each of the RM employees and the municipal sector’s workers in particular and the beneficiaries of public services in general. The Portal's vision, mission and strategic objectives are as follows:

Vision: To be the most commonly used channel by the recipients of the RM information and awareness services and to turn into the most important tool of interaction and communication, in a manner that supports the principle of participation and constructive dialogue.

Mission: Providing accurate information to the Portal’s public visitors as well as raising the municipal awareness in general, meanwhile trying to highlight the best municipal practices and seeking to improve the Kingdom’s municipal sector. 

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To be the RM media interface, that monitors its news and provides the detailed information about the most prominent services provided by the Municipality.
  2. To make it easier for the beneficiaries of the RM services and provide them with the available e-services.
  3. To increase the municipal awareness and review the best municipal sector practices.
  4. To emphasize the participation and dialogue principle in decision-making through a number of e-participation channels.
  5. To show the RM role in the sustainable development process experienced by the Kingdom.
  6. To show the RM achievements in switching to the e-government transactions process.
Last Modified Date: 2/11/2019 3:29 PM
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