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Procedures for expropriation of real estate located in Al-Naseem Al-Sharqi, Al-Maysailah, Al-Rimal, and Banban districts
14/02/1440 08:00 ص
​About issuance of H.H. Minister of Municipal and Rural Affaires’ decree No. (2007) dated 24/01/1440 A.H. ,which includes approval of amendment of the previous Ministerial Decision No. 25454 dated 24/10/1433 A.H., and starting procedures for expropriation of real estate located in (Al-Naseem Al-Sharqi, Al-Mayzeeliyah, Al-Rimal, and Benaban neighborhoods ) ,In favor of Wadi Al-Sulai project, in accordance with real estate expropriation for public benefit law and temporary expropriation issued by decree of the Council of Ministers No. (31) dated 5/2/1424 A.H. authorized by Royal Decree No. (M/15) dated 11/03/1424 A.H.

Those real estate owners , whose numbers are mentioned in the table below, according to project layouts and the plan approved in the table below should review the General Directorate of Survey and Property in the second building of Al Maiqeliya in Al-Deira district, in intersection of Imam Mohammed bin Saud Street with Al-Attaif Street, bringing the following documents:

1 - Original property deed with a clear copy.
2 - National identity copy.
3 - Valid power of attorney if exist.
4 -In case of owner of property is dead, instrument of inheritance with a clear copy + power of attorney from heirs + instrument of guardian of infant in case of minors’ existence in heirs.

Real Estate Numbers According to Project Panels​
The real estate figures represent the approved scheme

Approved schema

From(768)To(770)(3-2-1)3379Al Naseem Al Sharqi
351/4  ـــ351/5(6-7)18 K.M. KhuraisAl Maizeliya
From(771)To(792)(314-316-391-392-554-555-552-553-550-551-548-549-546-547-544-545-542-543-540-541-538-5392861Al Qadisiya
From(630)To(653)(921-920-919-918-917-916-915-914-913-912-911-910-909-908-907-906-905-904-903-902-901-49-50-51)3300Al Remal
523/أ ، From(655)To(667)،
( 215) - (282-269-263-264-265-266-267-268-801-502-219-218-217) – (200-191-555-152 - - -153-148)3270-2880-3024
From(683)To(730) ، From(732)To(733)، (735)(667/1-667/2-669/1-669/2-671/1-671/2-673/1-673/2-675/1-677/1-679/1-681/1-683-685-687-689-691/2-691/1-693-694-79/3-79/1-79/1-78/1-78/2-77/1-77/3-77/2-76/1-76/3-76/2-75/2-75/6-75/5-75/1-75/4-75/3-74/2-74/6-74/5-74/1-74/4-74/3-73-72-71-70-69) - (216/1-216/2)3270
From(736)To(738) ، From(739)to(756) ،(758) (25-24-23-22-17-21-20-18-19-16-9-10-8-7-6-4-3-5) – (11)3015
560/أ-561/أ- From759 To767(291-15) - (62-71-72-73-74- -91-92-89)2960Benban

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