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Riyadh Municipality inaugurates the first phase of rehabilitation and development of major roads hubs

Riyadh Municipality has launched the first phase of rehabilitation and development projects for the main roads hubs in Riyadh city ,as part of its implementation of the Urban Landscape Improvement Program, which is launched by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, in order to raise the quality of life in Saudi cities.

The projects will include rehabilitation and development works of main roads in the first phase: (Al-Takhasusi Road, Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed Road, Taif Road, Prince Mesa'id Bin Abdul Rahman Road, and Al Aziziya Road).

These projects aims at providing a high standards roads network, which is integrated with King Abdul-Aziz Public Transportation Project, which is currently being implemented, and upgrading the quality of the urban spaces in the city, taking into account the existing activities, uses, visual aspects and social considerations of Riyadh residents, through the improvement and beautification of linking the main hubs with the stations and tracks for trains and buses, and rehabilitation of engineering elements of roads ,intersections, entrances, exits, bridges and tunnels existing in Riyadh.

It is expected that projects of rehabilitation and development of major roads hubs will contribute to the control and improvement of the cross-sections of the main roads; to achieve integration with the design requirements of the public transportation project, to improve asphalt and paving work, pedestrian traffic facilities, and to provide linked paths based on innovative studies and designs that address the differences between the entrances and pavements; In addition to afforestation ,agriculture, lighting, landscaping and the organization of parking spaces.

The projects will also improve the design of intersections, provide traffic controls (traffic signs, light signals, ground planning) to ensure smooth flow of traffic, reduce traffic jams, raise traffic safety factors on key axes and improve their coordination appearance by increasing the allocated space To improve the urban landscape of the city, taking into account the existence of a suitable environment for walking, which helps to access existing activities and uses, and encourages the use of the King Abdul Aziz Public Transport Project in Riyadh, and improve its operational efficiency through improving and facilitating the Access to train and bus stations.

It is expected that these projects will have a positive economic impact on reducing the cost of road use by reducing traffic jams at intersections, increasing traffic flow on intersections, reducing flight times, fuel consumption, reducing emissions from vehicle exhausts, in addition to the positive environmental impact ,which is result from the increment of green areas through afforestation and agriculture works on roads.

7/1/2019 Sabq Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 7/10/2019 11:22 AM