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Riyadh Municipality announces permits terms for slaughtering sacrifices in kitchens for the year of 1438 AH

Riyadh Municipality has announced the start of receiving temporary permits for slaughtering in kitchens during Eid Al-Adha season of 1438.

Dr. Falah bin Abdullah Al-Dosari, Director General of the General Department of Environmental Health in Riyadh Municipality, cleared that preparations are underway for Eid Al-Adha season for 1438, and to start receiving kitchens applications, which are willing to obtain temporary permits of slaughtering sacrifices in department headquarters in Al Mrouj district next to Al Shamal market for vegetables and fruits.

Dr. Al-Dosari pointed out that granting temporary slaughtering permits requires meeting number of conditions, including valid establishment license, compliance with all the health and technical requirements of the establishment, kitchen’s workers must have valid health certificates, compliance with uniform,  preventing slaughtering of female sheep under the age of 5 years , the use of hygiene means and healthy bags and cartoon boxes, the commitment by slaughtering place to be used for slaughtering and cutting and to be prepared for this purpose and meets the requirements of health, with commitment to non-slaughtering in preparation and cooking halls, commitment by cleanliness and placement of waste In sealed plastic bags, as well as the placement of leather waste and in its allocated places, with the provision of cleaners in proportion to the volume of work, and providing a waste container to raise the waste of slaughtering.

The Director General of the General Department of Environmental Health in Riyadh Municipality confirmed that kitchens that are willing to obtain the slaughtering permits must organize the sacrifices reception process by placing numbers on receipt and delivery, with a clear board showing slaughtering price list, and giving invoice to sacrifices’ owners  containing  the price, indicating to the last date for receiving applications for temporary slaughter permits in kitchens is on 2/2/1438 AH.

Last Modified Date: 9/13/2017 11:22 AM