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Instant Municipal Licenses Service launches in its first phase by 150 business activity

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has announced that it will be launching soon instant municipal licenses service in its first phase, including 150 business activity, where the service allows the applicant to obtain an instant license through “Balady” Portal on internet without delay or referring to other government agencies, the ministry mentioned that the service is aiming to simplify procedures and shorten the time and to provide better service to the business sectors in different regions.

Ayed Al Wabry, Board Member of Riyadh Commercial Chamber, and Chairman of Real Estate Committee, has opened the meeting which was held yesterday in Commercial Chamber with the ministry in cooperation with Riyadh Municipality, praising the efforts of Municipal and Rural Affairs Ministry, and its electronic initiatives to facilitate licensing procedures of various business activities, clearing that this trend is in the interest of all parties, expressing his hopes for instant license service to achieve its goals in serving the business sector through simplifying the procedures.

Abdulaziz Al-Omran, Director-General of Professional Affairs in Municipal and Rural Affaires Ministry, cleared that what distinguishes the service is that it united the names of businesses activities in all sup-municipalities, adding that it has been shortened more than 1,600 business activity names in 517 names, by which it has been issued municipal activities and requirements for standardizing licensing procedures.

Engr. Awad Al-Otaibi, Director-General of Information Technology in Riyadh Municipality stressed that it has been issued a list containing 12 articles to determine how to provide this service, clearing that municipalities’ role according to the list is limited by inspection, control and monitoring of violations and fines, saying that shops which have an area less than of 150 m2 and committed by safety requirements, will be licensed immediately, explaining that service is aiming to match the kingdom’s trend towards digital transformation and activation of development process.

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah, Director-General of Municipal Information Center in ministry, cleared that municipal transformation plan has included  number of important initiatives and e-services ,to simplify procedures and to achieve closing transactions and removing all challenges ,which face the municipal sector and contributes in achieving the vision of the Kingdom and sustainable development.
2/9/2017 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 2/12/2017 2:26 PM