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Riyadh Municipality continues chasing to foreign peddlers and evacuates 22 violated random locations

Yesterday Wednesday evening, Riyadh Municipality teams continued its overall control crackdowns on street peddlers of non-Saudis in different districts of the capital.


Where teams seized (8) violated rugs for selling winter accessories and supplies, and confiscated (1900) carton boxes of vegetables and fruits, (14) vehicles, and (10) scales were used in the process of selling by peddlers; where all forfeitures were delivered to charities.


Field teams also cleared more than 22 violated selling locations related to the foreign street peddlers in a number of districts, and have been fully evacuated through the equipment and mechanisms of Municipality.


16 teams of General Management of public convenience and safety supported by 15 teams of Overall Control General Management and 25 workers of General Management of Cleanliness in Municipality and 4 teams of Security crackdown of Metropolitan Police (administrative control) participated in the crackdown campaign.


Municipality chase to foreign peddlers comes through the continuous control crackdown campaigns carried out in different districts, with support of the security authorities to reduce the random health violations within the neighborhoods of the capital.

11/4/2014 Media Center in Riyadh Miunicipality
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