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Al-Sheikh approves the new regulations for the system of municipal licensing procedures

Engr. Abdul Latif bin Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, has approved the executive regulations of the system of municipal licensing procedures, and the guide of municipal licenses requirements for professional activities, with the inclusion of the requirements of the relevant government agencies through automatic integration with "Balady" portal.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs explained that regulations specified the terms of the municipal license, where municipal license for opening a shop shall be issued in accordance with the statutory eligibility, in terms of  the applicant must be a Saudi national who is not less than 18 years old, who is licensed to practice the activity or be a foreign investor ,who is licensed to practice the activity. In addition to the statutory right to use the property, so that the applicant for the license should be the owner of the property or has a lease or investment contract issued by a licensed party for not less than one year.


The regulations also specified the municipal requirements for the required activity to be licensed at the site, and recording its coordinates in the license, the area to be recorded in written and digits, as well as the building to include the identification of the building type and its number according to the numbering procedures.

The terms of the municipal license included also the approval of the government agency under which the activity is subject to supervision, the approval of civil defense, and the payment of municipal fees and fines, if any.

3/12/2017 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 4/12/2017 1:41 PM