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Riyadh Municipality seized 3 vehicles for peddlers and seized 16 violated accessories rugs

Yesterday Thursday afternoon, Riyadh Municipality Field Control Teams seized 3 varied vehicles of foreign peddlers who are selling circulating in different districts of the capital, where it have been formally handed over to the competent authorities, within the overall control crackdown on peddlers of non-Saudis.


Also it has confiscated 16 violated rugs of selling accessories, winter clothing, popular food and other goods, in addition to the confiscation of 1500 carton boxes of vegetables and fruits, and a number of vehicles and scales that were used in the process of indiscriminate sale ; where were all forfeitures have been delivered to Charities according to followed regulations.


Field teams with the participation of security authorities represented in the administrative control department of Riyadh Region Police (Crackdown) removed more than (20) violated locations used by the foreign peddlers in a number of neighborhoods ,which have been evacuated completely.


The Riyadh Municipality teams and security authorities have undertaken 14 formal communique against foreign street peddlers, which are received on Riyadh Municipality emergency phone number 940.​


11/7/2014 Media Center in Riyadh Miunicipality
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