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Riyadh Municipality provides 10 warnings before buying sacrifices

Riyadh Municipality has provided 10 warnings, which require customer knowledge before buying sacrifices. These warnings are:

1 - Signs of diseases are fatigue, anorexia; stopping of rumination process, laziness and isolation from the rest of herd.

2 – Tongue droop, runny saliva, diarrhea, flatulence and presence of red and green secretions are signs of sacrifice disease.

3 - Beware of presence of visible tumors, apparent abscesses, irritability, idle or wobble with difficulty of walking.

4 - Beware of the seller who raises sacrifice from the front, which leads to pushing the digestive system to the back, and makes the grease gather at the back of sacrifice , giving a look that attracts customer.

5 - There are those who resort to beating the sick animal to show its activity and vitality, in addition to paint wool or hair by henna and put straw on the wool to inspire the customer that sacrifice is wild.

6 – One of cheating methods is sacrifice change after purchase and during loading by another sacrifice which is less price than or by a female (sheep) or sick or imported, especially when the buyer rides before loading the sheep or while he is busy with paying the price.

7 - Make sure to examine the scalp of sacrifice body, so as not to contain any wounds, ulcers or injuries.

8. Examine lists of sacrifice while its standing, and to be non-lame or non-fractured during its transport to the market.

9 - Feel abdomen to know its fullness of food or not, and it must be kept in mind that sacrifice abdomen which is free of food may indicate that it is sick and unable to eat.

10 - There are those who deliberately wash the sacrifice with warm water mixed with a powder for cleaning to appear quite differently, especially lean sacrifices, making them look fat.
Last Modified Date: 11/18/2018 10:32 AM