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Riyadh Municipality achieves completion rates through Urban Landscape Improvement Program over the past 9 months

Riyadh Municipality has achieved completion rates within urban landscape improvement program of Riyadh city until the 3rd quarter of the current year, as part of initiatives launched by Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs within framework of municipal transformation programs aiming at upgrading municipal services provided to population and visitors, in order to provide the highest levels of safety and comfort.

It revealed completion rates report during the past 9 months, which have come depending on the determined baseline in the beginning of the current year; It removed 344,000 violated billboards with a completion rate of 96%, 514,051 violated advertising stickers, and 36,640 concrete barriers with completion rate of 73%.

By the 3rd quarter of current year, Riyadh Municipality has removed distorted drawings of 460 locations with a completion rate of 90%, and repaired an area of 375,300 m2 of gardens, children's playgrounds and green areas by completion rate of 96%.

During the same period, Riyadh Municipality repaired an area of 826,802 m2 of roads with an estimated completion rate of 83% , in addition to repairing 41.445 long meters of long-standing sidewalks with completion rate of 75% and 50,265 lighting poles, while it removed 7,583,466 m3 of construction and demolition violations, and waste of land space drilling, with a completion rate of 46%, and removed 14,983 discarded and damaged vehicles from public streets and squares, with a completion rate of 82%.

In the past 9 months, Riyadh Municipality has cleaned 907 sites of restrooms, animal pens, boxes, nests and camps scattered randomly near the city's entrances, by completion rate of 76%, while Riyadh Municipality has processed 3434 illegal vendors in violation of regulations, with completion rate of 86%, and processed 190,700 containers In neighborhoods, with an estimated rate of 93%.

Riyadh Municipality has carried out coordination and planting works of trees and flowers on the main and subsidiary streets, with an area of 548000 m2, and it has planned and painted roads on an area of 5,820,437 long meters, with an achievement rate of 58% ,as well as it also repaired streets names boards by 9804 boards, with achievement rate of 71%.

Last Modified Date: 1/3/2019 11:27 AM