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RMC discusses waste recycling and suffering of Mousa neighborhood residents

Municipal Council in Riyadh (RMC) has hold its 24th meeting yesterday under the chairmanship of Engr. Abdullah Al-Omran.

Mohammed Al-Shoaiman, RMC Spokesman said that meeting has been initiated by presentation of High Authority of Development of Riyadh by Engr. Abdulaziz Al-Moqbel on its strategy for waste recycling and violations of demolition and construction.

Engr. Al-Omran thanked the Authority for its effort in this ambitious strategy, which has been built on in-depth studies, as well as members discussed a number of its aspects, where they noticed that it may face operational challenges, besides Council has reservations on the long time frame for this strategy.

Al-Shoiman added that Council noted the depth of problem suffered by Al-Mousa neighborhood residents during the first forum which was organized about a month ago, therefore it has been devoted the bulk of meeting time to the suffering of the population in Mousa neighborhood, where it has been canceled all agenda subjects to discuss only this matter, as it has been reviewing report prepared  by members of the department ,with contribution of other members of the Council, where it was audio and visual report of the miserable situation suffered by the neighborhood inhabitants of rash and flow of sewage in streets in front of homes, mosques and shops, as well as the numerous pits and swamps and its consequent environmental damages ,which threaten the health of population and their properties, and it was in the presence of representatives of the High Authority of Riyadh Development, National Water Company, and Namar Sub-Municipality.

The time frame of sewage project and lowing the water level in the neighborhood will end by the end of 2018, making the Council calls the concerned authorities to develop emergency plan to avoid the losses sustained by the rising waters until the sewer project is complete, and  the water company will have office in the neighborhood  to provide and supervise services in the neighborhood, as well as intensifying the dewatering process of sewage, and the intensification of pesticide spraying, as well as the Council decided to pay a visit to the water company to discuss practical solutions to fit the current situation.
2/16/2017 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 2/19/2017 2:24 PM