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Riyadh Municipality has completed more than 80% of basic works of Nasiriyah tunnel

Riyadh Municipality has completed more than 80% rate of rehabilitation works of intersection tunnel of King Saud road with Nassiriya Street, after 80 days of starting work on the project.

The pace of work is accelerating in one of the oldest tunnels in Riyadh, which is located in an area where the presence of many government agencies and educational institutions, where Riyadh Municipality has started works of tunnel rehabilitation at the beginning of the summer vacation for schools, Engr. Abdullah al-Sherif, GM of Operating and Maintenance in Riyadh Municipality revealed that it will be opened the road for traffic before the start of the new academic year.

Rehabilitation works of Nasrirya tunnel include creating walls on concrete and deep basis , raising the efficiency of pumps and improving the rainwater drainage network, through creating drainage channels next to the walls of the tunnel from the inside, fitted with net covers for drainage and assembly halls, as well as creating drainage network of service roads on both sides of the tunnel.

Also , it has been equipped the tunnel with power-saving , environment-friendly and high-efficiency Smart LED lamps , which are integrated with control center in General Administration of Operation and Maintenance in Riyadh Municipality, the basic Works of the tunnel also include developing the intersection, through modifying sidewalks to increase the traffic flow, and expanding the rotation path to free traffic from stopping vehicles.
8/16/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 8/16/2016 10:59 AM