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Unified Procedures and standards for services in “Balady’ Portal

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has completed the first phase of operational plan for national portal of municipal community "Balady" on internet, which represents the culmination of the ministry’s efforts in the application of e-government systems, and promoting the quality of municipal services ,and facilitating access for beneficiaries, as well as improving the participation of citizens and residents in decision-making related to municipal services.

Ministry explained that first phase of the operational plan of "Balady" portal, which has been completed within a number of other current phases, aims to make "Balady" portal a civilized interface  of the municipal community with all its elements and its components, and a window which provides municipal services at best specifications and standards as soon as possible through the completion of transactions electronically, in addition to create a major source of guaranteed and authorized municipal information, and to improve the performance of the different municipal services’ providers, and reaching to higher levels of integration between the ministry's efforts and municipalities, sub-municipalities, and professional government agencies, to achieve the best use of municipal resources.

The ministry pointed out that "Balady" portal includes standard operating procedures for all municipal services and unified criteria to measure performance,  alongside with modern maps for all cities in the Kingdom in support of plans and programs of national development, business sector and all partners and beneficiaries of services and activities of the ministry, in addition to what portal represents of an interactive platform of brainstorming and discussing all proposals related to municipal sector, as well as  facilitating the completion of transactions relating to professional and construction licenses, and plans approval ,besides publishing all requirements needed to get all services automatically, so as to contribute in reducing pressure resulting from reviewing the ministry, municipalities, and sub-municipalities and shorten the time of information completion.
11/16/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/6/2016 8:42 AM