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Integrating of Riyadh Region Sub-Municipalities with Riyadh Municipality electronically

Riyadh Municipality has completed its project of administrative communication systems integration, which aims to integrate sub- municipalities, which follow Under secretariat of Municipalities in Riyadh region consisting of 47 sub-municipalities distributed between governorates and centers.

It is worth mentioning that this achievement is initiated by the initiative of Eng. Saleh Al-Makhdob, Mayor Undersecretary for Municipalities Affairs , to work on it and to be launched officially in record time.

The project was supervised by a team assigned by Riyadh Municipality and Under Secretariat of Sub-Municipalities in Riyadh Region, while this integration aims at unifying the mutual transactions between Riyadh Municipality and Undersecretary of Sub-Municipalities under a unified number in all its affiliate entities, making it easier for reviewers and employees to review and complete transactions easily, in line with development witnessing in all fields in the Kingdom, in pursuit to achieve Kingdom's Vision 2030, and to keep pace with the achievement quickly, which will increase the speed of transactions completion of citizens and residents alike, and shorten the long distances, to ensure efficiency of business in government sector ,to serve the homeland and the citizen.

11/16/2017 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 11/20/2017 12:58 PM