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Riyadh Municipality starts reconstruction of Al-Olaya Road with King Saud Road Tunnel.. Saturday

Riyadh Municipality will begin the reconstruction of Al-Olaya road with King Saud Road Tunnel on Saturday, Riyadh Municipality and traffic have completed the conversion of traffic flow to alternative roads in the area surrounding the tunnel.

The works include reconstruction of the entire tunnel for structural, mechanical and electrical parts, where it will be established walls on deep concrete foundations and replacement the old concrete slabs.

Works will also include  raising efficiencies of discharge network of rain water in the tunnel ,through replacement the old pumps by new ones with higher efficiency and making drainage channels next to walls of the tunnel from the inside with net covers for drainage and assembly tanks and making drainage network to service roads on sides of the tunnel.

In addition to installation of environment-friendly lighting with high efficiency and linking them to the control center in Riyadh Municipality, as well as development of intersection through pavement modification to increase the flow of traffic and expand the course of circulation in order to make the traffic flow free with non-stop vehicles.


5/16/2018 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/10/2018 2:21 PM