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Riyadh Municipality.. Slaughtering of 78226 sacrifices

The number of sacrificial slaughtered for the current year 1440 has recorded 78226 sacrifices, by increment reached of 3% over last year 1439, which recorded 76016 sacrifices, with relativism and flexibility in organizing the seasonal sacrifices program (Adahi) for the year 1440 for Eid Al-Adha, which is supervised and implemented by Riyadh Municipality.

Dr. Falah bin Abdullah Al-Dosari, General Supervisor of the Sacrificial Seasonal Program (Adahi) and Director General of Environmental Health in Riyadh Municipality, thanked God Almighty for the success of the seasonal program of this years, and expressed his thanks to H.R.H Riyadh Governor and his deputy as well as His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh Region, and Undersecretary of Services for their support to the program, which is being implemented by more than 4000 people from various departments of Riyadh Municipality, where the program is critical important in Eid Al-Adha season, in support of humanization of the capital and achieving the quality of life of the capital and the requirements of its residents based on the best standards.

Dr. Al-Dosari appreciated the role of the security and regulatory authorities, which are participating in (Adahi) program from the departments Riyadh Municipality and the security and traffic agencies, noting to the cooperation of citizens and residents in the success of the program that was prepared to serve them and provide the maximum comfort and facilitation in terms of finding temporary sales sites for sacrifices ,which are distributed geographically throughout the city, as well as mobile slaughterhouses near Markets in addition to allowing more than 300 kitchens for slaughtering during the Eid days, pointing out that 78226 sacrifices were slaughtered for the year 1440, in an increment of 3% from last year 1439, which recorded the slaughtering of 76016 sacrifices, while the number of partial damages reached 3183 and total damage recorded 111 sacrifices.
8/18/2019 Al-Jazeera Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 9/1/2019 9:33 AM