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Riyadh Municipality seizes 75 unidentified workers selling corrupted meat and fish

Control teams in Riyadh Municipality with the participation of the crackdown and Mujahideen management teams seized more than 75 unidentified workers during peddling selling in a number of neighborhoods of the capital, where they have been delivered to the competent authorities.

Field teams overtook random gathering for a number of violated workers near Sinayat Al Mada’en in Sulai district in the east of the capital , selling (anonymous foodstuffs), as well as the sale of fish and meat which are not fit for human consumption, in addition to the sale of live poultry, where it has been corrupted all seizures according to the followed health regulations.

Control teams seized more than 3 rickety folk houses used to store tobacco, vegetables and fruits ,where it have been destroyed all forfeitures ,which reached a cargo of two Pick up vehicles and closing the houses formally. Municipality teams arrested two peddling vehicles for 2 foreigners during their exercise of the peddling sale in the streets of the capital.

Control Teams also vacated locations of foreign peddlers in number of neighborhoods of the capital, and removed more than 83 locations and randomized carpets of selling nuts, luxuries, vegetables and fruits in different districts of the capital.

Control teams detained 43 peddling cart and 78 scales of expatriates, who are exercising illegal peddling  on pavements, and seized more than 42000 cartons of fruits and vegetables ,which are delivered to charities, that comes through the comprehensive regulatory campaigns launched by the General Administration teams for comfort and safety supported by the General Administration of Comprehensive Control and hygiene management and security agencies in the past week, on the places and locations of street foreign peddlers to address all aspects of peddling selling in all neighborhoods, according to the directives of His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh Region, Eng. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Sultan to provide a healthy, safe atmosphere for the residents of the capital.​
4/8/2015 Media Center in Riyadh Municipality
Last Modified Date: 4/22/2015 2:45 PM