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Riyadh Municipality eases the trouble of reviewing sub-municipalities through “Al Daief” service

Engr. Abdullatif bin Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs has inaugurated yesterday Municipal Services Center (Al Daief Service) in Nakheel Mall in north of Riyadh, as first center of its kind which aims to receive reviewers and provides integrated municipal services without need of reviewing the sub-municipality.


Al-Sheikh cleared that in light of the Kingdom’s vision in 2030 and national transformation program, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, municipalities and all its executive departments seek to upgrade all services of municipal sector, to achieve sustainable and balanced development in all cities and regions of the Kingdom.

HRH cleared that this center will be a model of municipal services centers which will be opened in succession in a​ll regions and governorates of the Kingdom during the coming period, in order to make it easier for citizens in completing all transactions, without the trouble of reviewing municipalities and sub-municipalities through unified centers, which are equipped with latest technologies to serve reviewers in a few minutes, where citizen is treated as a welcomed  guest in these centers and not as a reviewer.

Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs noted to the tendency of Riyadh Municipality to establish a similar center in Al Sulai district to serve the industrial sector during the coming period.
12/19/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/19/2016 12:19 PM