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Riyadh Municipality limits grantees and develops Mobile App. for granting lottery

Riyadh Municipality has limited all those who have issued high orders of grants ,and prioritized their dues based on precedence criterion in completing registration of required data, while Riyadh Municipality  has purposed to limit the vacant residential plots available for distribution within the approved plans of Riyadh Municipality; In order to facilitate procedures for allocation of granted land plots, and organizing distribution process, according to a clear and specific mechanism.

In framework of Riyadh Municipality's endeavor to achieve the principle of justice and equality among all grantees, Riyadh Municipality has developed Mobile App. for public lottery, to ensure transparency and equal opportunities principals, while based on the results of lottery, residential plot granted to citizen is determined. The application automatically informs grantees by lottery results through SMS, or Riyadh Municipality's website.

Riyadh Municipality has also launched "Menhaty" Mobile App. on smart devices, which allows citizens to submit and follow up requests of completing implementation of granting orders electronically, identify request status, review grants issued to citizen, and sequence of ranking in priority list of eligibility, in addition to possibility of transferring grant to any of Riyadh region governorates, if he wishes to, and without need to review Riyadh Municipality.
12/19/2017 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/20/2017 1:46 PM