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Riyadh Municipality: 141 standing municipal projects by 7.47 billion

Riyadh Municipality revealed that number of the current standing projects in the region has reached 141 projects, with a total estimated value of (7.47 billion). During the 9th session  of Riyadh Municipal Council, which has been held yesterday Sunday 05/15/1437 AH ,in the Council’s headquarters, Engr. Seweilem Bin Saleh Al-Sewailem, The General Director of Implementation and Supervision in Riyadh Municipality, cleared while showing a presentation to Riyadh Municipal Council, that roads, bridges and tunnels projects has reached 80 projects with a total value exceed ( 5) billion SR, in addition to (17) Municipal facilities projects amounted by (1.45) billion SR, (31) parks, footpaths and municipal yards projects, of amount exceed more than (900) million SR, and (13) lighting projects, by amount of ( 190) million SR.

Engr. Seweilem added that roads projects included (14) bridges and tunnels constructions projects, (35) improvement and development projects, (19) primary Paving projects, and (12) projects of Raising the level of traffic safety. Noting that, projects’ priority is based on the recommendations of the Transportation Committee emanating from ADA, in addition to the specific standards of the municipal council, which depends on the population density, the volume of traffic.

Roads projects in Riyadh city include the construction of a bridge at the intersection of the southern ring road with Kharj Road (Sana’a Square), where the bridge of a height of 21 meters, helps to connect traffic between Aziziya road, Kharj road form side, and the ring road from the other side. Achivement percentage of the project has reached over than (33%), where the bridge is considered one of the quality projects in the field of bridges in Riyadh city.

Municipal facilities projects included (6) administrative centers, (5) markets projects, and (6) varied building projects. Riyadh Municipality is seeking to establish (51) administrative centers in the city, distributed as one administrative center in each sub-municipality, while the center contains (15) Buildings, (13) of them for service government agencies, and two investment buildings. The current projects of administrative centers are distributed in municipalities of Al-Sulai, Aziziya ,Shifa ,Al-Ha'ir,Namar and Uraija. In addition, Riyadh Municipality is establishing number of markets buildings, notably the Fish Central Market, where the percentage of the project completion reached (20%).

In the field of gardens, current implemented projects are varied, which include yards and Squares, celebrations and shows areas, parks, gardens, footpaths, and street tree-planting projects. Among the most prominent parks projects: World King Abdullah Gardens - The Second Stage- and King Salman Oases projects. 
In the field of street lighting, Riyadh Municipality is seeking to implement projects in the most densely populated charts, and the closest to the Electricity power stations. As well as using the modern technologies to control and save energy.​
5/23/2016 Riyadh Newspapaer
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