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Minister of Municipalities directs to activate emergency plans and ensure its effectiveness

Engr. Abdullatif bin Abdulmalik Al Sheikh, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs has issued a circular to all municipalities and sub-municipalities to activate emergency plans and to ensure its effectiveness and to infinite automated and human capabilities, to avoid the dangers of the rains and torrents in all regions, provinces and cities of the Kingdom.


The circular stressed on taking the necessary procedures to ensure the safety of lives and properties, and harnessing all possibilities in all regions of the kingdom, to be in a state of readiness and alert, to deal with the rain and torrents, which may hit the country in the coming period, and what may results of water gatherings in low-lying areas and roads, and inspecting the water drainage network of tunnels, streets and bridges in the urban boundary, and providing maintenance before the rainy season and during rainfall, and removing any obstacles that may impact on its effectiveness.


The Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs stressed on the importance of coordination and cooperation with all authorities and government agencies in dealing with the rain and torrents through the civil defense committees and crisis departments of areas. This circular comes due to the entry of the rainy season in the Kingdom for this year, and what may be witnessed in parts of the Kingdom, God willing, of heavy rains, the matter, which calls for an early willingness to avoid any dangers.


 It is noteworthy that Ministry has prepared a comprehensive plan to avoid the dangers of torrents and rain , to protect citizens and public and private properties, to be implemented in accordance with the clear vision of priorities and urgent needs of the most vulnerable regions to rain and torrents during the coming winter season, especially sites near the floodplain areas, and locations which were damaged during the past years.


The ministry also completed earlier, a comprehensive study to torrents and rains gatherings sites in a number of cities and regions, and prepared a comprehensive scheme to drain flood water, and studying and designing of rainwater drainage networks in a number of targeted sites, and the development of the floodplain and removing any encroachments, in addition to the establishment of a number of rainwater gathering stations ,fenders and dams, in light of what has been monitored over the past years of observations on the most vulnerable sites for torrents dangers.

10/23/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 11/7/2016 10:54 AM