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Riyadh Municipality has completed its preparations for the rainy season of this year through an integrated plan to be implemented through General Administration of Operation and Maintenance by high human and mechanism potential supported by an integrated IT system.

Priorities in implementation and maintenance

Rain Projects 

Engr. Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Sharif, Director General of Operation and Maintenance in Riyadh Municipality explained that rainy season has high priority in the work of Riyadh Municipality, whether in implementation projects or continued maintenance projects, noting that before the beginning of the rainy season, Riyadh Municipality has carried out an intensive campaign for maintenance works of torrents drainage network in main roads and tunnels, which includes the removal of encroachments on torrents drainage network and its maintenance in main streets, and cleaning the exits of torrents drainage network, as part of the annual plan by direct follow up from His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh Region and his ongoing guidance ,to support the process of municipal and development services in the capital.

Engr. Al-Sharif noted that before the beginning of torrents season by enough time, coordination meetings are being hold between Riyadh Municipality and the relevant authorities to face the probabilities that could occur during the rainy season.

(940) Emergency Center

Engr. Al-Sharif explained that RM 940 Emergency center receives all types of coming reports, and deal with it according to specific mechanism including rain reports through IVR, Fax, E-Mail, SMS and internet portal, as well as through (Sawr W Ersel) mobile App. and Twitter account, where it is communicating with field teams to report on workflow of the gathered water locations.

Indicating that it has been prepared (940) center  with advanced systems, in order to develop reply service on citizens ‘reports of rainwater and torrents, and receiving reports through qualified customer service agents , where they respond to all reports with speed and accuracy of getting information of the coming report.

Al-Sharif cleared that based on development plans Riyadh Municipality has established "Monitoring and Control Center" to monitor tunnels during the rainy season using "ESCADA" system, where the system is characterized by monitoring the water levels in the tanks and the possibility of operating submersible pumps from remotely, as well as backup power to run lighting and pumps in the event of a power outage at any malfunction.

Comprehensive Emergency Plan

Engr. Abdullah Al-Sharif revealed that Riyadh Municipality has comprehensive emergency plan, which includes recruiting (1200) supervisors, technicians and workers ,who are working in all Water gatherings locations immediately in rainfall equipped with more than 600 equipment to drain rainwater, the plan also included responsibilities and obligations of all participating parties during rainfall, and operations coordination with all of civil defense, police, security patrols, Meteorology and Environmental Protection Authority, traffic ,Transportation Ministry, National Water Company and Saudi Electricity Company.

Riyadh Municipality Emergency plan for torrents season focused on interaction with all water gatherings locations during the rainfall period and during short time for dewatering from water gatherings locations and opening the roads to traffic. 

Engr. Al-Sharif said that Riyadh Municipality is working on following-up tunnels to avoid any incidents that may occur, in addition to the operation of electronic boards to warn drivers during the rainfall.

Torrents Drainage Network Maintenance

As part of its ongoing efforts to cope with the rainy season, Riyadh Municipality has implemented a proactive campaign of torrents drainage network maintenance, which included Riyadh's main streets and making sure of removing encroachments on network exits and drainage lines of channels.
 Riyadh Municipality has implemented a number of open channels maintenance projects in Riyadh , as well as maintenance works of opening channels represented in the process of cleaning and maintenance of channels’ bottom, and enhancing the channels’ sides from inside.

Riyadh Municipality has prepared a plan for the development of torrents water drainage network exits in Riyadh city, where it has been developed the most important exits in terms of the amount of drained water.

Also, It is monitored the level and speed of water inside channels by using sensors, to measure the level and speed of the water and linking it with ESCADA system in Control room in Riyadh Municipality, to monitor the increment or decrement of water level.

«Hather» of Critical Locations

Based on the interest of Riyadh Municipality to maintain the safety of the residents and visitors of Riyadh city, Riyadh Municipality has launched "Hather" mobile application, which provides information to residents of the city on critical sites in Riyadh city during the seasons of rainfall. The application allows users to see the status of the weather and critical tracks and intersections ,where water gathers during rain to avoid, in addition to the possibility of (Track / browse) the nearby critical sites and notifying the user (Sound or Vibration), as user can report the critical sites using mobile devices which support the (GPS) or 3G and 4G technologies.

11/23/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
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