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Riyadh Municipality: Events of National Day promotes belonging and calls to maintain the Homeland's resources

Riyadh Municipality confirmed that the various events held by as part of the National Day celebrations package aimed at strengthening belonging to the homeland, and maintaining the nation's resources, as well as considered a recognition of the role of citizens in the process of construction and development.

Engr. Ibrahim Al-Hwaimel, Director of Parks Department in Riyadh Municipality, said that the value of all events which have been held is more than a celebration only but also considered symbolic participation of citizens   and residents in the process of the country development; where their participation to contribute in establishment and cultivation of new parks, and having the sense of efforts being made at planting a tree or maintaining garden with all its elements, noting at the participation of a number of residents of Erqa neighborhood in planting and paving Erqa first garden ,with participation of more than 100 volunteers from the elderly and young people, in addition to bike marathon which has received wide participation, and targeted to encourages sport exercise ,which enhances public health.

Engr. Al-Hwaimel noted at the interaction of the capital's population with the events, and their remarkable attendance, which formed a fantastic national portrait, in which the joy of National Day is blended with the joy of participating in the business operated by the Municipality to serve the population.
9/25/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 9/27/2016 10:32 AM