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Faisal bin Bandar: Custodian of the Two Holy directs us to track development projects

His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Region and Chairman of the Regional Council ,noted to the follow up, support, and directions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, -may God protect him- for all projects which contribute in promoting the level of development renaissance of the Kingdom, which is reflected positively on the service provided to citizens and residents equally.

Yesterday, during the chairmanship of HRH to the first meeting of the council for the first session of 1437-1438 AH in HRH office at Ruling Palace, HRH noted that Riyadh projects will be fruitful in facilitating on the people who are waiting the completion of these projects, calling everyone on doing all effort and presenting the beneficial proposals and studies, which contribute to promote the capital’s projects .

For his part, Engr. Khaled Al-Rabiaa, Secretary of the Region’s Council said that the Council has reviewed his agenda, which included reports of the permanent committees related to upgrading the educational, health, economic, social, facilities, cultural services and other topics, noting that it has been taken the necessary decisions and recommendations.

He explained that Council stressed on giving attention to roads maintenance and following it-up on a regular basis ,and following-up the services contractors, noting that Council has examined the rules of the tuition fees in the civil and foreign schools, and emphasized on development standards by the Education Calendar Commission, also Council stressed on the importance of activating the Commission of studying services prices of Private hospitals, and stressed on installing the appropriate markings on highways so as to minimize accidents during the night hours.

Engr. Rabiah noted that council briefed on the proposal offered by Riyadh Municipality for administrative centers in the city and its completion stages, and the elements containing each center. Council expressed his satisfaction with what has been presented, as the council also was briefed on the presentation on the projects tracking program submitted by the High Commission for the Development of Riyadh City, ,the council also briefed on proposal offered  by the Ministry of Energy, Industry and mineral Resources on electricity projects in Riyadh city.

The Council also has welcomed the future vision provided by the National Program of Exhibitions and Conferences, where the Council supported a partnership between the Council and the National Program of Exhibitions and Conferences, in order to make Riyadh a city of tourism exhibitions and conferences, the Council has praised the efforts of Ministry of Labor and social development efforts in the field of special programs, and cooperation between different sectors and various government institutions to increase women's employment opportunities in the Kingdom.

Administrative Centers

Engr. Khalaf Al Dalbhy, Director of Studies and Designs in Riyadh Municipality, said that work is underway in administrative centers projects, adding that 6 projects are under construction in Al Sulai, Shifa’a, Namar, Aziziya, Uraiyja’a and Ha'ir districts.

Al Dalbhy revealed that 4 projects from administrative centers projects are under award of contract stage, after the completion of design and identifying its locations, which are administrative centers in Batha, Erqa, Al Shammal and Rawda, while 5 centers in preparation stages and determining the location in future in Olaya, Nassem, Mather, Malaz and Shimeisy districts.

About the achievement percentages in the current existing projects, the administrative center in al Sulai scored the highest achievement percentage reaching ratio of 90%, followed by the administrative center in Ha’ir ,which hits achievement ratio of 63%, then the administrative center of Shifa’a which hits achievement ratio of 50%, then administrative center in Namar which scored 41%, and administrative center Uraja’a is 37%, and finally administrative center Aziziya is 34%.


10/25/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 11/7/2016 10:54 AM