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Riyadh Governor directs for supporting and licensing Saudi workers in food vehicles

HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Region, has directed Riyadh Municipality by completing counting the roaming food vehicles, and receiving license applications from citizens who are interested in practicing of selling food through roaming vehicles, as well as organizing and restricting licenses on Saudis only, where Riyadh Municipality receives licensing requests from owners of food selling vehicles in the building of General Administration of Environment health in Al-Morouj  district in Al-Shammal Market.

Riyadh Municipality confirmed that conditions for obtaining licenses of food and drinks sale vehicles activity include general requirements, from them is limiting the license for preparing foods, light meals and beverages activity.

The license is granted to Saudi individuals only, after the fulfillment of safety requirements, commitment by regulations and instructions of the General Directorate of Traffic, and the installation of a vehicle-tracking device.

Riyadh Municipality has also identified special requirements for presence locations of these vehicles, including that exercising this activity must be in one of selected locations by municipality, and not standing in front of homes, schools and shops or mobilizing inside residential neighborhoods, and not standing in streets and roads in way represents disability or disruption to traffic flow, and not leaving the vehicle permanently on-site after work, as well as it is necessary to obtain the license to attach a copy of national identity of the vehicle owner , driving license and vehicle license.

Riyadh Municipality explained that requirements could be found through Riyadh Municipality Portal on internet , and applying for the license is through selection of roaming vehicles and selecting sub-activity (Food Vehicle) , filling in the form , determining appointment and visiting the headquarter of General Administration of Environmental Health.

12/25/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/28/2016 12:01 PM