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Riyadh Mayor launches visual decontamination campaign within municipalities of the region

His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh Region, Eng. Tarek bin Abdulaziz Al-Fares, inaugurated on Tuesday morning a campaign to remove the visual pollution within scope of Riyadh region municipalities, as part of the program to improve the urban landscape in Riyadh.

Mayor also met with the heads of all municipalities in Riyadh region scope, reviewed the aspects of visual pollution, and how to deal with them, and adopted KPIs of municipalities according to precise and developed technical mechanisms for monitoring and documenting visual pollutants and taking measures needed to improve the urban landscape to achieve satisfaction of population.


Speaking to media, His Excellency said: "The wise leadership's directives emphasize on importance of working hard to provide comfort and safety to residents of Riyadh region, and Riyadh Municipality is continued to enforce these directives in belief of population satisfaction is the main objective of all its programs and campaigns. So, it has been launched visual decontamination campaign within the scope of Riyadh region municipalities ".

H.E. stressed that one of the main objectives of Riyadh Municipality is that residents feel the impact of this campaign on their cities during the coming six months, as well as municipality believes that they are essential partners in success of its campaigns to remove the visual decontamination and maintain beauty of cities.

H.E. pointed out that municipalities of the region have made a tangible and positive effort during the past years with fruitful cooperation of population, stressing on importance of redoubling efforts in next phase to eliminate all aspects of visual decontamination in light of availability of all essentials that ensures achieving aspirations of population.



Last Modified Date: 5/3/2018 3:46 PM