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Riyadh Municipality launches "Hayakom fe Haykom" initiative in neighborhoods gardens

Riyadh Municipality, represented by General Directorate of Parks and Social Services has launched "Hayakom fe Haykom" initiative in neighborhoods gardens, to entertain people of neighborhoods, to support and raise awareness among residents of Riyadh city, and  to maintain gardens and neighborhood environment, announcing the membership in “Fe Khedmatekom” program and “Awen” volunteering program, to register  who are interested in maintaining  neighborhood environment.

Eng. Ibrahim bin Nasser Al Huwaimel, Director of General Department of Parks and Social Services in Riyadh Municipality said that launch of “Hayakom fe Haykom” initiative comes with support of His Excellency Eng. Tarek Al Fares, the Mayor of Riyadh Region, and following up of His Excellency Eng. Sulaiman Al-Bathi,  Mayor-Undersecretary for Services in Riyadh Municipality, in giving attention to residents of Riyadh City and raising awareness of importance and role of parks and environment in our lives, mentioning that campaign is targeting all districts of the capital ,and includes 30 activities which will be held along 60 days in gardens of neighborhoods.

Eng. Al-Huwaimal announced that it would be launched "Awen" program and starting members’ registration who are supporting gardens. The program will be opened for participation of largest segments of city's population to contribute in parks, properties and general environment preservation.

He added, "We aim at raising awareness of the population directly by reaching them in their neighborhood gardens and opening the door to volunteering people to participate in Awen program." “Hayakom fe Haykom" initiative also will include events of walking sport to identify its importance and take advantage of pedestrian paths in neighborhoods and gardens to promote public health among residents of neighborhood, while there will be special events for children, including painting on walls, and effectiveness of hospitality as well as cultivation of seedlings and flowers ,and the definition of its types and ways on how to  preserve them.




Last Modified Date: 5/3/2018 4:19 PM