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Riyadh Municipality launches Documents Delivery Service to beneficiaries
Riyadh Municipality has launched licenses and documents printing and delivery via postal service, while this initiative comes within Riyadh Municipality’s plan to facilitate its services provided to beneficiaries, and moves towards harnessing all means that would raise the level of satisfaction of beneficiary, according to municipal transformation initiatives adopted by Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in the framework of the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Delivery service at this stage includes:

1. Shops licenses Printing
     - Issuance of new professional license
     - Renewal of professional license.
     - Ownership transfer of a professional license.
     - Activity Change.
     - Location Transfer.
     - Boards addition.
     - Issuance of damaged / lost license replacement.
     - Shop License Cancelation.
     - License Modification (Add / Remove)

2. Building permits Printing
     - Issuance of a space decision.
     - Issuance of Adding Buildings License.
     - Previous license Modification.
     - Renewal of a previous license.
     - Issuance of fencing license.
     - Issuance of existing building renovation license.
     - Issuance of demolition license.
     - Issuance of corrupted /lost Replacement.
     - Ownership transfer of building permit.

Beneficiaries can keep track of documents via querying the request from Documents Printing and Delivery center.
Last Modified Date: 1/12/2017 1:58 PM