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Riyadh City

About the city

the city of Riyadh Represent, in the field of urban development a unique model to the emergence of a major global city in nearly half a century, a period that is not large enough - in the eyes of the emergence of cities - all the achievements of Riyadh during which to complete the urban and urban unprecedented.

Began the first creation to Riyadh for nearly three centuries, on the part of the site old city AL hajar that have been tens of centuries, rule the territory of the Al yamama and the center of the convergence of methods of trade caravans that roam around the island between the north and south, east and west, and is characterized by its valleys of the many wells of abundant water, and palms, And crops, and fruits.

the Riyadh city Grew up on this location as small village, around the villages at the site of the defunct city of Hajar , and surrounded by vast desert plateau of Najd, since that time to half a century ago, the city's growth is going at normal rates, to widen the area during that period of less than Square kilometers, inhabited by less than ten thousand people, to about eight square kilometers, home to about sixty thousand of the population, then saw Riyadh at the end of that period, and during the last decade of the reign of King Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him, the emergence of a number of important factors, the most important :


(stages of thethe evolution of the city of Riyadh in 1353 AH to 1421 AH)

  1. Start exporting oil from the Kingdom, and benefit from the revenues in the reconstruction and development.
  2. Start the implementation of a general plan for the settlement of the Bedouins. - Entry of electricity to the city.

  3. Opening of the Railway Riyadh.

  4. Dammam to link the capital of the eastern region.

  5. The opening of the old airport.

  6. Opening of the ministries and other central government agencies in 1375 AH (1955 AD).

During the proceeds of the last century began the urban development in the city of Riyadh to take a new turn, has kicked off the movement of reconstruction rapidly throughout the city and its surrounding areas in a amazing way, and it effecting a large number of new neighborhoods, accompanied by plans for a massive implementation of the various municipal projects of roads, bridges and intersections and modern lighting and the tunnels of Vehicles and pedestrians, and multiple floor car parking , gardens and parks, and playgrounds of the children, fountains and shapes of the aesthetic, and markets of the general and business centers, slaughterhouses, health and other equipment and facilities of the modern, along with the facilities of the services of the educational, health and social services and a strong communications and transport various kinds of .

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