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  • Matazeez
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    ​It is one of the most famous traditional cuisine and consisting of mainly wheat. It is prepared by expert women only to perfection. This is done by cutting the dough into small pieces, the size of an egg. They are flattened and placed inside a pot containing boiling water, cut meat, truffles, and margarine. Matazeez is regarded as one of the favorite lunch or dinner meals for the elderly.​​
  • Marqouq
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    ​​Again the main constituent is wheat. It contains pieces of dough, meat, margarine, spices, and vegetables, like pumpkin and eggplant. The dough pieces are pierced to go under the boiling water and left for a while until the dough is done. ​
  • Jereesh
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    ​​It has two types: the first one is made of brown flour after being ground and kneaded; the second one is called “Al-Luqaimi” and it is made of brown flour without being ground and cut into small pieces. ​​
  • Al-Aseedah
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    ​​​It is called Al-Mathlouth or Al-Matlouth. It consists of wheat flour, Jereesh, and millet flour. It is often eaten during winter because it helps keeping the body warm and gain energy. Its name “Al-Mathlouth” is derived from its three ingredients, - ‘of the three’.​In addition, there are other traditional cuisine in the province, like Al-Afs, Al-Fireek, Al-Hunaini, Al-Qursan, Al-Habishah, and the Rice.​
​​Source : ​​​Saudi Tourism​​​
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