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Riyadh Municipality seeks to achieve a number of objectives on top of which to increase and open the largest possible number of Municipal channels of interaction and participation with its visitors. Having this in mind and after the appearance on the scene of a number of famous social communication sites the aim of the web  is to create its own Web pages on those sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others with the objective of  expanding ​access and participation from the attendees of the Internet. Despite the concentration of the website management and its focus on the need for continuous updating of all materials of the most important news and events, but the various social communication websites provide a number of other characteristics that make it easier for its visitors to follow all new, post comments and opinions with a large number of participants in those sites.

As the social communication sites offer such a huge amount  of characteristics linked directly with the participation and that are difficult to be provided at the electronic websites of the government, it is considered to add value both to the user participating in social communication sites or to the website of the Riyadh Municipality, which established its own Web pages on those sites.

The following is a review of the main features and characteristics available on social communication sites that help users and visitors to achieve the greatest possible use and benefit from the website pages of the Riyadh Municipality.

  1. Subscriber on the website page of the Riyadh Municipality on various social communication sites can get continuous updates of all published Municipal information without having to visit the website of the Riyadh Municipality.
  2. Despite the possibility to participate and comment on news reports and articles published at the website of the Riyadh Municipality, participation and comment on the municipality's page on the social communication sites is characterized by the diversity of formats so registered participant can comment on the comments posted and his comments still appear on his own personal page whereby all the linked to his page can get access to his comments, which may lead them to prescribe in the page of the Riyadh Municipality on the same social networking site.
  3. The possibility of automatic reading of most social communication sites, which in turn provides real-time update of what is published on the website page of the Riyadh Municipality of news and updates of interest to the participants in the social communication sites.
  4. YouTube site provides the possibility of participation including the promise of video clips included in the pages of Facebook, which extends from the circle of access to those sections and increases the amount of comments.
  5. The participant in the social communication sites will be able to form a more comprehensive vision on all published materials on the website page of the Riyadh Municipality particularly with the presence of many of the comments of known people or of others easy for him to identify.​

KLOUT score measurement of Riyadh Municipality social accounts for 1434 to 1435 

KLOUT score of Riyadh Municipality social accounts = 64 degrees​

KLOUT score is one of the important indicators for social media accounts and measured primarily by (100) degrees.

KLOUT score measures the (effectiveness) rate of social accounts, and its impact over society,  and measures the possibility of accessing the largest segment of the community. Whenever Klout score is more higher than 60 degrees , the account becomes more accessible and efficient to society, and it is measured based on several factors:

  1. Retweets: it makes the content provided by the account extends to other networks of followers.
  2. Mentions: that people writing n Municipality account is an influential factor, as they looked to gain attention, also includes mentions from CC and Via types .
  3. List Memberships: Adding Municipality account in other users lists indicates to your impact areas.
  4. Followers: the number of followers is one factor, but it is evaluated the engagment rate of the account with audiences and followers.
  5. Replies: Account replies to the followers show that the account is constantly interconnected with the social network.
  6. Comments: In Facebook account, it raises the Engagement rate with followers
  7. Share: In Facebook account, it sharing increases the spread rate of the Municipality Trust publications to the followers of the followers of the account.
Note: Our goal is accessing and keeping score more higher than (85), making Municipality social accounts more accessed and have more impact in social community.

Improvement of KLOUT Score between 1434 - 1435
KLOUT Score of 1434KLOUT Score of 1435
  1. KLOUT Score on Social Community: 49
  2. Engagment ratio: Relatively low
  3. Ad Campaigns: It is not recommended currently to increase audiences, and increaing engagement, which helps in spreading services and awarenes of its usage.
  1. KLOUT Score on Social Community: 64
  2. Engagment ratio: Relatively good.
  3. Ad Campaigns: It is recommended currently to increase audiences, and increaing engagement, which helps in spreading services and awarenes of its usage.

Why we need to increase KLOUT score on different social community:

  1. Increase the effectivecess rate on social community: through engagment of users and audiences, and converting them to agents of Riyadh Municipality.
  2. Possibility of entering polling list for top 100 engaged accounts in middle east.
Riyadh Municipality Methodology for reaching KLOUT score  more higher than 85 degrees

  1. Continous right application of the 4 strategies for all social accounts:
             - Content Strategy
             - Promotion Strategy
             - Engagement Strategy
             - Conversion Strategy
             - What-If Strategy
             to increase rates of:
             - Engagement: Replies - Mentions - Retweets - Fav - Likes - Share - Comments
             - Accessibility
             - Popularity
  1. Applying the right Escalation Methodolgy in replying to complains ans quries.
  2.  Applying the Guide Line the content of Social accounts.
  3. Provied licenses of:
            - Social accounts Management Tools
            - social Accounts analysis Tools
            - social Accounts Measurment tools

Increasing KLOUT score increases the valid duration of published contents of different social accounts.

KLOUT ScoreValid ​Duration of Published Content on Social Accounts
40 - 705 Minutes​-
​70 - 7525 Minutes​-
​75 - 8025 Minutes2 Hours
​80 - 8545 Minutes5 Hours
​85 - 95More than 5 Hours
 ​ ​

Riyadh Municipality Socail Accounts ranking according to KLOUT score:

​​​KLOUT Score​Authority's NameRanking
67Jeddah Municipality1
64Riyadh Municipality2
61Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affaires3
61Eastern Province Municipality4
47Al-Madina Al-Monawara Municipality5
50Al-Jauf Municipality6
51Al-Ahsa'a Municipality7
45Al-Qassim Municipality8
44Meca Al-Mokarama Municipality9
44Jazan Municipality10
33Al-Taief Municipality11
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