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RM e-Participation Policy
​In favor of the developmental ambitious vision of the wise leadership of Saudi Arabia, which has encouraged and supported all sectors to move forward towards sustainable development ,based on joint action and constructive dialogue, and  out of the strategic action pursued by Riyadh Municipality, RM has recognized the need of the participation of all related parties and persons who have relationship when adopting public policies and strategic plans of each business , developmental projects and initiatives for the development of the municipal sector and improving its services continuously and sustainably.

RM has created technical mechanisms to help everyone to deliver his constructive vision and good suggestions to all officials of the Municipality, which is known as the e-Participation principle ,through a number of interactive and electronic communication channels ,which convey the views and visions of RM portal’s visitors form citizens , residents and business sector ,to be reached  electronically to the concerned officials and competent departments in RM ,and the interactive response on those posts through specific mechanisms to ensure constructive interaction to strengthen links with the public. While ensuring on the information privacy principal.
Through this portal, the Municipality aims to activate and regularly update the largest possible number of e-channels to meet all of the users’ needs.  

Participation in Decision-Making and Policies Formulation

Riyadh Municipality is aiming through its e-portal to collect the largest number of posts, visions and ideas and seeks to activate these posts and converting it into concrete results. RM depends on these constructive posts out of the need for joint action, which everyone contributes in, to create society fulfilled with the best municipal services.

According to this strategic goal in municipal business, Riyadh Municipality e-Portal has developed a number of e-participation channels ,which aim to involve everyone in the vision and supporting proposals for decision-making and policy-making related to the municipal sector.

E-Participation in making decision and formatting policies is implemented as follows:

  1. A certain topic is put for discussion through any of the e-Participation availed on the Portal in addition to throwing light on previous participations and results, current participations and how to participate in them, and the future participations and when they will start.
  2. Standards and Regulations are relevantly specified – as per the e-Participation channel – to ensure the users’ commitment to the objectives of such participation, which can be utilized away from any personal criticism or inappropriate use of such channels.
  3. Pointing out the necessity to participate one time to have accurate results.
  4. Monitoring results of participations implemented and analyzing such results.
  5. Sending results of all e-Participations to the concerned departments to specify priorities as per such results and to immediate start implementation of the relevant services.
  6. Announcing results of e-Participations in addition to pointing out the steps relevantly taken.
Last Modified Date: 2/11/2019 3:22 PM
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