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Smart Cities Initiatives
Control Center

This initiative aims to enable Riyadh Municipality to manage smart public services and utilities through a central, cloud-based control center that contains an integrated and interconnected system for control and management, which integrates with systems in various municipalities and departments.

Environmental Monitoring

This initiative aims to establish environmental monitoring stations in more than one location, use cars that contain environmental monitoring devices to take measurements, and send them to the environmental monitoring station (such as temperature, humidity, pollution rate....etc).

Smart Parking

This initiative aims to implement smart solutions to provide a smart parking service with the aim of guiding people to vacant parking lots, if any, in order to save time and effort and reduce parking congestion.

Billboards Control

This initiative aims to monitor billboards in the streets through sensors to determine the used, the non-used, and the problems that occur to them.

Optical Distortion Treatment

This initiative aims to remove violating advertising panels, writings, and posters that distort the public appearance through automated monitoring cars.

Smart Cities Platform for Municipal Asset Management

This initiative aims to use base maps and geospatial data in order to manage municipal assets through the Internet of Things (IoT), for example, checking the capacity of parks and slaughterhouses and other municipal facilities and their congestion.

Road Initiatives

• IOT-based guard barriers.
• Digital signals.
• Digital city map locator integrated with city map application.
• Smart poles (CCTV cameras, street lighting, control sensors ...).
• Built-in GPS sensors to report congestion in traffic flow.
• Comprehensive mobility plan (e-CPM).
• Electricity generation gangway.
• Private digital pedestrian crossings (for people with special needs).
• SOS in Emergency cases.

Gardens and Green Spaces Initiatives

• Digital billboards.
• Integration of social media channels.
• Outdoor gym to facilitate sports practices for young and old people.
• Umbrellas and solar flowers for energy production of lighting.
• Laser lighting shows for public events in green areas.
• Digital lighting and sounds for dancing musical fountains.
• 3D digital designs on walls.
• Entertainment based on (7D) animation in large gardens.
• Geographic Information System (GIS).
• Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
• Automatic operation / suspension of distilled deep irrigation.
• Integration of city entrances and traffic center with LED and laser lighting.
• Integrated advertising boards with Public Information System (PIS).

Buildings and Public Utilities Initiatives
• Building Information Model (BIM).
• HVAC system.
• Electronic Natural disaster management platform.
• Wireless frequances RFID QR.
• Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
• Public solar energy based W.C., integrated with sensor monitoring of hygiene time.

Flood Initiatives

• Hydrological information system (HIS).
• Automated flow control sensors for automatic cleaning reports.
• SWIM awareness management.
• Building safety control.
• 3D mapping for flood preparedness.

Waste Management Initiatives

• Sensors of building waste containers.
• Smart Waste Containers.
• Waste tracking solutions.
• Geographical layer of smart waste information.
• Waste reports integration with unified city applications.

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