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In pursuit of Riyadh Municipality to keep pace with technological developments, Riyadh Municipality has worked to provide (Wasef) Mobile app. on smart devices which enables the user to identify Riyadh city with all the details of buildings and approved plans ,roads, streets and commercial activities and a lot of valuable information that can be identified through the use of the application.

For the purpose of providing (Wasef) service at the best possible ways, especially as it contains a huge amount of descriptive and spatial data, which might cause slow service when the user try to review it directly from the Internet (Online), it has been providing the possibility to download the data on your device without the need for internet connection (Offline) allowing access data faster.

(Tawjeeh) feature is a guidance system, which enables the user to access to any place in the city of Riyadh, noting that (Wasef) system contains data for more than a million pieces of land and more than 1,800 certified scheme and more than 140,000 of activities and services.

The application also provides many other services, which include determining the user's location and display satellite images to various other services, and the application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android system devices.

Update Date: 11/02/2016
Version Number: 5.0

To access the application page, you can click here​.
Last Modified Date: 1/15/2017 3:07 PM