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Riyadh Municipality launches "LA’EQ" service for health certificates

Riyadh Municipality has started with “ELM” Company to issue health certification electronically for those who are working in the field of food establishments and related sectors supervised by Riyadh Municipality. Dr. Falah A-Dosari, Director General of the General Department for Environmental Health at Riyadh Municipality said that in terms of integration between government agencies and sectors is in order to raise the level of services efficiency provided to beneficiaries, and getting benefit from the technical services provided by Municipality in this regard.

Al-Dossari cleared that cooperation has focused on the benefit from "EFADA" program, which is provided by “ELM” company to government entities, and integrating with the "LA’EQ" program , which is applied by Riyadh Municipality to issue health certifications, where it enables the applicant to go to medical center directly for medical examination and obtaining the health certificate from the center after viewing the good result of examination, while “ELM” company records these information in the applicant’s civil record, and then issuing and printing the health certificate ,to be delivered to the medical center without need from applicant to review or apply for issuance from General Department of Environmental Health.

Director General of the General Department of Environmental Health in Riyadh Municipality pointed that electronic health certificates ratio for workers in the field of public health, which have been issued through “LA’EQ” program is about 200,000 certificate within a year, and this service comes within  services package ,which are developed by Riyadh Municipality as part of its plan to employ modern techniques in facilitating services provided to all beneficiaries.
6/2/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 8/2/2016 3:10 PM