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In 3 months... Riyadh Municipality removes 2.2 million m3 of construction and demolition waste

Riyadh Municipality has announced its accomplished operations in treating with visual pollution to improve city's urban landscape during the first quarter of 2019; where In the past three months, Riyadh Municipality has removed 2.209.487 m3 of construction and demolition waste and drilling waste which are gathered in undeveloped lands, and 52,215 violating advertising boards which distort the urban scene, as well as municipality raised 4418 discarded and damaged vehicles from the public streets and squares.

These efforts come as commitment of Riyadh Municipality to implement the municipal transformation initiatives launched by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Slums removal operations were carried out in 366 locations inside the city, treating 787 illegal vendors, removing distortion graffiti from 316 locations in various neighborhoods, and rehabilitating 31,901 lighting poles on main and secondary roads.

Riyadh Municipality also repaired dilapidated pavements on an area of 16,842 long meters, it has treated 18,039 holes in the streets, and it carried out road greases and planning with an area of 289,460 long meters, and pruning, coordinating, and planting trees and flowers on main streets and branches on an area of 96.416 m2.

It has treated 4418 cleaning containers in neighborhoods, it removed 1977 concrete barriers and 731 parking garages were removed for violating regulations, and it repaired 64.520 m2 of gardens, playgrounds and green areas, and it has implemented installation and repairing operations of 2323 boards of buildings numbers and roads names.

Riyadh Municipality confirmed its continued implementation of the program to improve the urban landscape until completion of all visual pollution removal in the city; stressing on need to adhere to regulations and instructions aiming at upgrading municipal services, appreciating the role of population and their cooperation in preserving aesthetics of public places and roads.
4/4/2019 Sabq Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 4/24/2019 1:21 PM