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Riyadh Municipality develops KPI’s to achieve beneficiaries’ satisfaction

Riyadh Municipality has developed KPI’s to measure performance of its municipalities in order to monitor progress of beneficiaries' requests, to make sure that they are not delayed, and monitoring the level of municipal productivity on daily basis, to achieve satisfaction of beneficiaries with municipal services.

KPI’s provide detailed information on total e-applications on municipal services provided by Municipality, applications are being categorized according to their municipal scope in accordance with their completion status, and allow municipal officials to review level of productivity of their municipalities and provide accurate figures for appropriate decision to improve quality of municipal service to beneficiaries.

KPI’s of January 2018 has showed that 7,111 e-applications for professional licenses were received by Municipality in scope of Riyadh, showing completion percentage of 64%, while 26% of applications are still under procedure, while delayed applications are estimated by 10 %.

January KPI’s indicated to receiving 2,980 applications for professional licenses, the completed applications are 56%, 27% under procedure, while delayed are 17%.

KPI’s showed that Municipality received 3,717 applications electronically for construction permits and survey decisions during the month of January, within the boundaries of Riyadh region, and 74% of them have been completed, While 21% of applications are still under procedure, and the delayed are 5%.

2/5/2018 Saudi News
Last Modified Date: 3/25/2018 11:50 AM