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Riyadh Municipality surveys the views of residents of the capital on the Al–Eid Events

Riyadh Municipality offered for the second year in a row through Eid Al-Fitr Celebrations website an electronic questionnaire of (The voice of the Beneficiary) to survey the views of the capital’s citizens and residents on Eid celebration activities and events in all locations, and their degree of satisfaction, as well as their suggestions to develop them for the next year - God willing- , where it has been taken into account the suggestions for this year in the development and renovation of a number of events, like street arts and carnival carriages ,which roam the neighborhoods.

Engr. Suleiman Al-Bathy, the Services Deputy in Riyadh  Municipality explained that initiative of Riyadh Municipality to survey the views of the population through a “Voice of Beneficiary” questionnaire comes within the framework of the Municipality's plan to develop the celebrations program to meet the needs of all members of Riyadh society ,and to take advantage of the views of experts, specialists and citizens to achieve this goal. He pointed out that Municipality will send invitations through SMS to the people of Riyadh encouraging them to participate in this electronic survey, as they are the primary beneficiary of these events, as well as through Riyadh Municipality channels on social networks, Eid Arriyadh application on smartphones, and through the traditional and new media, in order to provide an opportunity for all segments of society to express their views and suggestions for the development of Eid Arriyadh events, including children ,women, youth ,people with special needs and specialists in the field of social and volunteer work. Visitors and registered people can also participate in Eid Arriyadh survey on Internet. Indicating the survey results will be studied by an ad hoc committee to discuss ways to benefit from, for the enrichment of Eid events in the next year.

The Services Deputy of Riyadh Municipality has called the capital's population to participate in the survey through the questionnaire raised through Eid website on the following link:  to support the efforts of the Municipality in renewing an developing the related celebrations and events.

7/8/2016 Media Center in Riyadh Municipality
Last Modified Date: 7/28/2016 2:08 PM