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Riyadh Municipality: 596 parks and municipal squares in the capital

Public parks and squares are one of the most important factors in improving urban landscape in cities, in addition to their contribution in improving the quality of life, in addition It is considered a societal meeting point for population, and provide different age groups with various options of entertainment, recreation, exercise and playing in an interactive and green environment.

In this context, Riyadh city includes 596 parks and municipal squares implemented by Riyadh Municipality ,which are close to main roads and inside residential neighborhoods, in order to provide a natural destination for population and for the belief of importance of increasing the green area in the city because of its various advantages, including the achievement of environmental balance , the aesthetic value of the city, and to Improve the urban landscape.

Last year (2018), Riyadh Municipality opened 28 parks and municipal squares, including green spaces, trees, flowers, seating areas, walking areas, playgrounds and children's play areas, and Riyadh Municipality plans to continue to establish public gardens and squares in 2019, with the aim of "Improving Urban Landscape in Saudi Cities ",which is a strategic goal in the National Transformation program 2020 ,as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

According to Riyadh Municipality statistics, King Abdullah Park, Prince Abdulaziz Bin Ayaf Park, Mohammed Bin Qasim Park, Mansoura Park, Al Olaya Park, Al Waha Park, Al Hada Park, Al Yasameen Park, Al-Futah Park, Shubra II Park, Al-Feryan Park and Al-Suwaidi Park come among the most popular parks in Riyadh city.

Riyadh Municipality appreciates the role of the population in preservation of public parks and municipal squares through their commitment to guidelines and instructions to ensure the sustainability of its beauty and its continuation as a major destination for residents of Riyadh city.

Last Modified Date: 2/27/2019 10:19 AM