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Riyadh Mayor: Establishing Engineering Training Center for developing cadres

Eng. Tariq Al-Fares, Mayor of Riyadh Region inaugurated yesterday the activities of Al-Yamamah Engineering Forum 2019, organized by Al-Yamamah University in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, entitled "The Role of Engineering in Achieving Economic Transformation and Sustainable Development in Light of Vision 2030", with participation of 20 global specialists.

Eng. Tarek Al-Faris said that municipal sector like all other vital sectors in the Kingdom, has received various support from the wise leadership to achieve plans, programs, initiatives and projects of the sector aiming at achieving sustainable urban development in different cities and regions of the Kingdom. 

Al-Faris explained that within the framework of the Ministry's plans to develop performance of its engineering cadres and raise their competence and qualify them to serve the country and the citizen, the Ministry has established the "Engineering Training Center" and launched a number of initiatives, programs and workshops, in order to provide engineers of Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs with skills and raise their efficiency through cooperation with national universities and specialized bodies and organizations from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Eng. Al-Faris pointed out that the ministry has launched several major initiatives and programs within the municipal transformation program, which aims to improve the quality and efficiency of the sector, and improve its performance, starting with controlling and regulating urban development and enhancing its sustainability, developing the work environment and improving its efficiency, , Activating community participation, and promoting the principle of transparency. 
On the first day of the forum, the forum discussed the topic of "Major urban development projects and their role in strengthening the national economy, empowering cities and citizens, a strategy for developing renewable energy, government worksheets and major institutions.", while participants discussed the impact of large engineering projects on the economy and quality of life In Saudi Arabia beyond 2030.
3/11/2019 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 3/21/2019 10:31 AM