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Minister of Municipalities credence controls and requirements for licensing women practice to banquet and Meals kitchens activity


His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Mansour bin Miteb bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs has credence a number of regulations and requirements for licensing the activity practice of "Banquet and Meals Kitchens in which women work", which included health conditions and regulatory controls to be met for licensing the practice of this activity in the shops that the owners want to be allocated for the activity of cooking and preparing food and banquet meals ,their employees to be of the female element.

It is explained by  Yousef Al-Seif ,Undersecretary of the Ministry for Municipal Affairs, adding that it has been circulated the conditions and controls on the municipalities to work under accordingly , to make sure of meeting the conditions in time of licensing the activity , Al-Seif  also cleared that the keenness , follow-up and his interest of His Highness the Minister in preparing these conditions and controls stems from the fact that it is considered one of appropriate opportunities for women's work, and considered one of the sources of income for a number of families , in addition that women in KSA is one of the most skilled community based-groups in the field of cooking and preparing meals, making meals prepared through them safe, most quality and greatly accepted, he added that health conditions were entirety based on the "Legal Regulation of Health Conditions for Banquet and Meals Kitchens " issued by the ministry and currently applied by the departments and municipalities on all banquet kitchens in addition to some meaningful regulatory controls, aiming to make work in these kitchens and licensing opening them limited to Saudi women and meets the legitimacy controls, and being that employees are  females , it has enjoined the need to provide them with good and suitable work environment to ensure their privacy and work freely without interacting with men.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs for Municipal Affairs viewed that departments and municipalities will use what is available with from control and follow-up tools and mechanisms on these banquet kitchens to ensure compliance with health conditions ,safety of what is produced and fit for human consumption, his Excellency concluded his statement that in the event of need for more details , it is possible through direct contact with the Secretariat or the municipality concerned or visiting the website of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs on internet: WWW.MOMRA.GOV.SA

11/7/2014 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 1/11/2015 2:01 PM