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Riyadh Municipality chasing foreign peddlers in front of mosques of the capital


Today Friday noon, Riyadh Municipality Control teams continued its control campaigns on peddlers (foreigners) who are in front of (mosques) in order to prevent the phenomenon of peddling on streets in front of mosques in all neighborhoods of the capital.





Where Municipality field teams divided its control work on several different inspection campaigns for a number of large mosques and in a number of neighborhoods. Municipality teams confiscated more than (30) rugs for accessories and other goods, and (2500) Vegetables and fruits carton boxes where officially been delivered to (Charities) according to regulations.


 Field teams through cleaning workers and their vehicles have been removed 12 violated rugs of foreign peddlers in front of mosques. Riyadh Municipality will continue its control campaigns in front of (mosques) and continuously in accordance with the directives of His Excellency the Mayor of Riyadh Region Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al Moqbel to prevent the foreign peddlers and prevent them from selling on streets and their distortion to the cultural view of the capital.​


11/7/2014 Media Center in Riyadh Miunicipality
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