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Riyadh Municipality seizes two folk houses for storing fruits and vegetables in Thleem district

Yesterday Tuesday afternoon, Riyadh Municipality field control teams seized (two folk houses) in (Thleem neighborhood) which is close  to Batha neighborhood used to store vegetables and fruits where it has been monitored many carton boxes and bags of fruits and vegetables in internal corridors and the worn rooms away from the eyes of the control monitor in  bad storage conditions and violated to the health requirements and conditions ,this comes through the overall control crackdown on street peddlers of non-Saudis in different districts of the capital.


Municipality field teams supported by mechanisms, equipment and workers, of the General Administration of Cleanliness have fully evacuated more than 24 violated locations related to foreign street peddlers in a number of neighborhoods; while teams confiscated 2,300 carton boxes of vegetables and fruits, and (23) vehicles, and (11) sale scales were used in indiscriminate selling; where all forfeitures were delivered to charities.


Municipality control teams have undertaken more than (15) communiques against street peddlers (Non-Saudis), which were received on Riyadh Municipality emergency phone number 940. It is mentioned that Municipality will intensify crackdown campaigns on foreign peddlers to reduce the violations and to raise the cultural and health levels of environment within the capital neighborhoods.​


11/7/2014 Media Center in Riyadh Miunicipality
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