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Riyadh Municipality recruits 250 vehicles to combat mosquitoes and flies

It has been Launched intensive campaign led by Riyadh Municipality to combat insects and rodents, and Riyadh Municipality formed Control teams to fit with a number of districts of Riyadh city. Riyadh Municipality has allocated vehicles carrying misty, liquid, spray devices in addition to vehicles carrying baits and larvae for insects for the implementation of a campaign designed to combat mosquitoes and flies across Riyadh.

Dr. Falah bin Abdullah Al Dosari, Director General of the Department of Environmental Health in Riyadh Municipality said: We started the implementation of this intensive campaign to combat insects due to the moderate temperatures and as a result of climate changes, which dominate the city of Riyadh during this period that led to the creation of suitable environment for increasing the breeding of insects, so Riyadh Municipality has prepared a plan of action aims to focus on the hotbeds of insects depends on the insecticide survey to explore the hotbeds of the proliferation of these insects ,and to identify its behaviors and places of deployment process, so that the control operation is not limited to the use of pesticides only, but is using the means of mechanical engineering and biology to reduce the pesticides used amounts as much as possible in order to preserve human health and the environment from the dangers of pesticides in this field. and added: We have prepared vehicles carrying equipment to spray cloudy, liquid, and micro-backed aerosol sprays, supported by vehicles carrying toxic pesticides food to eliminate mosquito larvae, which are placed in the marshes to work alongside vacuum spraying to kill insect mosquitoes in all stages.

He said: the teams are working on two morning and evening shifts, to cover all districts of Riyadh, also the daily work area is divided into several sub-areas, and spraying process is limited to the targeted places where high infection ratio of insects ,in order to environmental safety and avoid the dangers of pesticides through the selection of the most suitable types pesticides which have the minimum impact on the environment and the maximum impact on the insect , so it is using the newest types of pesticides during use.

The Director General of the Department of Environmental Health in Riyadh Municipality stressed on the need for concerted efforts between the municipality and the citizen through citizen's role in the fight against insects sources. He called on citizens to report complaints and suggestions via 940 number or via fax no. 2120089 or e-mail:

He pointed out that any complaint or report will have the attention of officials at the Health Protection Teams
5/15/2016 Riyadh Newspapaer
Last Modified Date: 5/16/2016 12:50 PM