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MOMRA commits municipalities to apply the disabled requirements list

In the framework of the keenness of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to provide municipal services to all segments of society and enabling people with special needs to be associated with the community making them able to participate in social life normally, the ministry has prepared a list of requirements for the municipal services provided to people with special needs, where it committed  municipalities and sub-municipalities in the Kingdom to apply these requirements while initiating the design and restoration of constructions carried out by municipalities, or issuing building permits, in order to streamline and facilitate their movement ,and to fit the conditions of the places they visit.

Conditions list of municipal services provided to People with special needs included technical criteria to be applied when initiating on design and restoration, and implementing the design and preparing buildings that deal with the public, whether governmental or private establishment , with taking care of identifying activities sites that have a direct relationship with the public in the basements .

The list contains general standards to be committed  by municipalities and sub-municipalities, and to be texted and documented when issuing permissions for public and private buildings, which describe how the disabled can treat with exterior equipment like slopes, cars parkings, sidewalks , public services and facilities, along with the provisions of the special requirements aiming to complete the rest of services and internal and external fittings that exist in many places and  private and public buildings such as doors , windows, elevators, corridors and any other equipment.
The list also included the allocation of car parkings for people with special needs in all public and private parkings and in the right places, making it easier access from and to it,  and to be as close as possible to entrances and exits of the places they visit.

With regard to pedestrian walkways and sidewalks, the list required to be free of obstructions and protrusions and be grounded from rough materials, and provided with the necessary slopes and clear guidance and directions.

The list included considerations taken when designing the mosques, in terms of determining the appropriate location for ease of access, and regarding the design of water courses in public places and buildings, it is required to allocate a portion of which taken into account for service of people with disabilities by one W.C. for men and another for women, taking into account the provision of enough spaces and facilities to help the disabled to move easily in and out of the W.C..

On the entertainment side, the ministry has set up dozens of gardens customized for people with special needs in the various cities of the kingdom, it took into account during its design and implementation to provide all the needs of the media and entertainment corridors , boards, games and toilets, as well as the provision of private cars for the disabled in a lot of gardens and parks.

The ministry stressed on the need of cooperation with the government agencies, which its services and projects are related to people with special needs, to create the right environment for them to achieve the greatest measure of assistance for them.
5/15/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 5/16/2016 10:47 AM