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Riyadh Municipality completes successfully the electronic integration with “Balady” Portal

As implementation of the directives of His Excellency the Mayor of Riyadh Region, Riyadh Municipality has successfully completed the works of the electronic integration with “Balady” Portal (​) ,which has been launched by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs ,in order to provide a unified portal for e-services in the Kingdom, to serve the citizens and all the beneficiaries of the Municipalities  ,by providing a number of municipal services electronically (such as shops licenses, building permits, in addition to charts query) and other municipal services, which means the speed and ease of access to the required services from anywhere at any time ,and thus speed ending the procedures ,to ensure the achievement of satisfaction for beneficiaries of these services.

7/17/2016 Media Center in Riyadh Municipality
Last Modified Date: 8/14/2016 11:56 AM