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Riyadh Municipality carried out improvements of (7) critical traffic sites

Riyadh Municipality has implemented a number of improvement works for high traffic density roads, where It has developed solutions which ensure smooth flow of vehicles, and contribute in improving efficiency of city's roads network and increasing its absorptive capacity, in addition to achieving traffic safety requirements and standards, in coordination with the Supreme Development Authority of Riyadh City and Riyadh Traffic.

 Improvement and development works of critical roads, which are implemented by Riyadh Municipality, come as part of a series of development steps for the city's roads, where Riyadh Municipality has conducted several field reports to identify critical areas, in addition to implementation of traffic simulation system before the beginning of actual implementation; in order to ensure work flow according to active steps which contributes in improving the mobility quality in Riyadh city.

Improvement and development works of critical roads which are completed by Riyadh Municipality a few days before the start of the new school year included:

1 - (Entrence of Dair’ia) intersection of King Khalid Road with King Abdulaziz Road in Dari’ia.
2 - Intersection of Imam Saud bin Abdulaziz road with Al-Takhasusi Street.
3 - Intersection of Imam Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Street with Nasiriyah Street.
4 - Intersection of Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al Awal road and Zahrawi street.
5 - Intersection of Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Road with Othman bin Affan Road.
6 - Intersection of Bade’a El-Zaman Al-Hamzani road with Sheikh Ishaq bin Abdul Rahman Street.
7 - Intersection of Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Awal Road and Saeed Al Mutawa Street.

Last Modified Date: 11/1/2017 2:21 PM